New York Abu Dhabi hosts the Festival of Music Diversity today


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Sharjah – By Ayman Al-Fateh – The Manifold Festival of Music Diversity will be launched today at the Arts Center at New York University Abu Dhabi, which includes a series of contemporary and innovative concerts and musical performances that will be presented in cooperation with the University’s Music Program, and will continue until the fifth of next April. This year, the festival will witness the participation of a group of prominent artists, in addition to creative artists from the university’s faculty.

The musical performances, which will be photographed specifically for the festival and broadcast over the Internet, reflect the contribution of NYU Abu Dhabi in presenting the most prominent artists within the global music scene and building a local creative community that embraces the brightest musicians, composers, dancers and artists of interactive media.

Commenting on the list of participating artists, Jonathan Shannon, Assistant Dean of the Arts and Humanities Program and Head of the Music Program, said: “The Musical Diversity Festival is replete with a series of contemporary and innovative concerts and performances that give us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a host of distinguished international talent. The festival is witnessing the participation of the Italian pianist Emmanuel Arcioli, who has established himself as one of the most prominent and innovative musicians in the world of contemporary classical music, and we are excited to follow his distinguished performances. The festival also provides an ideal opportunity to introduce the world to the exceptional and creative talents at NYU Abu Dhabi. ”

Bill Bragin, Executive Artistic Director of the Arts Center at New York University Abu Dhabi, said: “The Arts Center’s mission is to pursue an ambitious and innovative approach aimed at providing outstanding musical and artistic programs.” By presenting the most prominent creative artists at the regional and global levels, we affirm NYU Abu Dhabi’s commitment to providing an ideal platform to encourage fruitful artistic dialogues, embrace creativity, and foster feelings of closeness, aspects of special importance to all of us, especially in this exceptional period.

The festival’s first concert will include performances of the American Music – Minimal and Beyond project, presented by pianist Emmanuel Arcioli, who was photographed specifically for New York University Abu Dhabi at the Degration Music Hall in Molfetta, Italy, and its activities will be broadcast live today. The project will also present musical works composed by a group of distinguished and distinguished contemporary artists at the international level. On April 5, the festival will present the new sounds of “New Sounds for 2021”, with the participation of two faculty members at NYU Abu Dhabi.

The Festival of Music Diversity will be broadcasted online via Facebook, YouTube and the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center website.

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