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Beirut – Omar Habanjar

On the fifteenth of this March, there will be a stand by the supporters of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rai in support of his frank and decisive political stances which he launched from the Bkerke window yesterday, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his selection as Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East.

On the fifteenth of March 2011, the Archbishop of Byblos was elected a Patriarch, and he faced many of the complexities of the Maronite environment and its traditionally clashing leaders over the first presidential position in Lebanon, and he succeeded in endeavors and failed in others until his disappointment was in trying to persuade President Michel Aoun to adapt to the propositions of President-designate Saad. Hariri, as a result of President Aoun’s adherence to a government that paves the way for his political shadow, Gebran Bassil, so that the president will be his heir, while Saad Hariri’s interest is limited to a specific important government of 18 ministers from the specialists according to the French recipe, and this is what prompted the sponsor to go directly to the Lebanese, starting From the catastrophe of the port bombing that disturbed the calm of the water between Bkerke and Baabda, and pushed the Shepherd to depart from its usual flexibility and to address all the Lebanese with a speech that, to say the least, is a call for a revolution that has always been described as an orphan, and in it you find the father and the shepherd.

Activist Dr. Harith Suleiman says that the October 17 revolution is the original, and the Bkerke movement is one of its fruits, calling for the development and revitalization of the revolution through the establishment of an inclusive political leadership and a clear struggle agenda.

And in Sunday mass from Bkerke yesterday, Patriarch Al-Rahi said: About 15,000 people gathered to support the position of the Patriarchate, calling on the international community to support Lebanon’s active, positive neutrality, in order to purify its identity from the distortions it has affected and restore its splendor, and so that it can carry out its mission as a homeland for intercultural and interfaith dialogue. A land for meeting and living together with equality, complementarity and mutual respect between Muslims and Christians. He added, considering that this neutrality spares Lebanon regional and international conflicts, alliances, and wars, and enables it to improve its internal and external sovereignty through self-military force.

Yesterday, an old tape was distributed to President Michel Aoun, in which he speaks to a television station, in which he says: “I am the first person responsible for politics. He is the spiritual one responsible, on our head, on our eyes, and on the rest of the political forces to understand that they have to speak with me. Talking with Bkerke takes the character of advice, nothing more, no less. The Christian political decision is here, and this is final.

MP Fadi Saad, a member of the powerful republican bloc, told Al-Jadid TV that the Patriarch’s speech was more like a call than a speech, and the biggest reason behind this call for arms outside the state and we are committed to the speech.

It is noteworthy that most Lebanese and Arab television stations broadcast Al-Ra’i’s speech directly, with the exception of the two “LBC” stations affiliated with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, which is headed by Michel Al-Daher, and the Hezbollah-speaking Al-Manar channel.

“LBC” asked MP Hassan Fadlallah, a member of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, his opinion in the speech of al-Ra’i, and he replied: Our description is different from the Patriarch Al-Rahi, as we cannot ignore the Israeli factor and its ambitions, because internationalization is a danger to Lebanon, and we saw what happened in Libya, Yemen and Iraq, And we ask, what is the status of the Christian presence in Libya, for example? What did internationalization do in these countries? He “indicated” that the solution starts with Lebanon, and there is no objection to international aid. He stated that Bkerke’s view does not represent the view of all the Lebanese people. Asking not to confuse aid with internationalization.

In turn, former President Michel Suleiman called for keeping pace with the positions of Patriarch Al-Rahi and returning to networking Lebanon’s Arab and international relations. Meanwhile, Representative George Atallah, a member of the Free Movement, declared that Bkerke’s role is an inclusive national one, which must be preserved, describing the popular crowd that has happened as “less than normal!” As for the excellent Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Abdel-Amir Qabalan, he considered neutrality in the time of the Israeli occupation and ISIS a betrayal. He added in a statement yesterday that the Baabda declaration wanted to isolate Lebanon from the region, not isolate the region from Lebanon, which is located on the earthquake line.

A representative delegation from the Future bloc will visit Patriarch Al-Rahi in Bkerke today, as part of his tour of religious references, to place them in the atmosphere of foreign moves for Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri.

In the meantime, the Corona meter continued its daily progress, as it recorded 42 deaths yesterday, as well as 3,100 new injuries.

The third batch of the “Pfizer” vaccine arrived from Belgium, and the Ministry of Health denied reports about the refusal of Moderna to deliver its vaccines to Lebanon. As of today, amendments are being made to the general closure plan, with additional sectors nominating, especially supermarkets.


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