New “crime” tower … video of the moment of arrest of the killer


Lebanon DepateThe Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested the killer of the victim, “Alaa Ibrahim”.

On Friday morning, a “horrific” crime took place in the Burj Al-Barajneh area, in which a municipality policeman was killed.

In the details, a number of young men from the family of “Z.” In the pursuit of the victim “I.E.”, who works as a municipal policeman, they shot him inside the building of Yassin Pharmacy, located next to the Al-Arab Mosque, killing him immediately. According to the initial information, the motives for the killing are “revenge”.

Later, a video spread on social media, showing a person shooting “in pleasure to take revenge” in front of the grave of the “victim” Hussein Abbas Zuaiter, after the killing of the so-called “A.I.”.


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