Neutrality is a betrayal, and the international conference if it is a Sykes-Picot version then we are against it


The excellent Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, responded to the words of Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi and his call for neutrality without naming him. He saw that “the national crisis has reached the point of a wrong clash and a wrong description, amid a terrible collapse and fall, the cause of which is well known and its source known to the Lebanese,” noting that “Lebanon’s sovereignty passes through a state of citizenship not a state of sects, and the Baabda declaration wanted to isolate Lebanon from the region, not the region from Lebanon,” Lebanon is located on the line of an earthquake, through which the Israelis are permitted through the sea and the air as well as the land, and the deficit in the defense capabilities of the Lebanese National Army is caused by Washington and the Tel Aviv red lines. The National Accord Document bury the dominant international force that wants Lebanon to be a state without authority or power. ”

He stressed in a statement, “Whoever wants to establish the Lebanese entity accepts a citizenship state, with one executive head not with heads and sects, and the renewal of the democratic system begins with popular parliamentary elections away from sectarian restrictions, and neutrality in the time of the Israeli occupation and ISIS is not patriotic, but I think it is still treason.” Neutrality in times of fires and turmoil in the region is also not patriotic, but rather in the interest of the country, sovereignty and national decision. Lebanon, as is the case in Palestine, and the fires of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and others are victims of the international executioner, not the other way around. “

He continued: “As for the power of balance, it passes by force by abolishing political sectarianism, and extending the state’s authority from Naqoura to Al-Aqoura needs a people state without sectarian restrictions, not a state of sects and walls, and defending Lebanon is the function of the political decision first, then the military decision, except that the date of the Sabra and Shatila massacres And the Israeli tanks that have fenced off the major headquarters of the state has another explanation, and the peace and war decision is not waiting for a charitable organization or begging at the United Nations, but rather a national force for which the Israelis can count a thousand accounts, because the time of the band has ended forever.He pointed out that “the legitimacy of arms comes from liberation, preventing aggression and protecting the homeland, not slogans and propaganda. The lost peace is caused by Washington, Tel Aviv and the game of the Atlantic, and it is not for those who exert and spend their lives to protect peace and the homeland, and the martyrs of liberation are all martyrs because they are martyrs of freedom, sovereignty and independence, not street dead, It does not have the force to defend peace. It will remain occupied forever, as is the case with Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Maaloula, Palestine and others. ”He stressed that“ the big choice is the peace of Lebanon and the region and not fighting unless fighting is a price for peace. As for the coexistence in which we believe in Lebanon, it is “Religion, belief and choice, and Lebanon’s geographical reality obliges it to friendship with its neighbor, not the occupier. And the international conference, if it is a version of China, then we are with him, but if it is in the version of Sykes-Picot, Balfour and the alliance of those who wish, then we are against it and we will not give up a seed of Lebanon’s sovereignty and decision.

Qabalan concluded: “Bkerke is a symbol of homeland partnership and coexistence, and the peace of my family was, is and will remain as long as Lebanon is.”


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