Neither to Resolution 1559 nor to Chapter Seven


Under the title “The Patriarch catches the embers of the Lebanese fate,” Munir al-Rabeeh wrote on the Al-Modon website. It was stated in the following article:

Bkerke no longer has any room to back down. The Patriarch has said what he said. The political and popular momentum, which enthusiastically pushed behind Al-Rai’s positions, is conducive to further progress in the steps that have been announced, seeking to hold an international conference to solve the Lebanese crisis.

The shepherd raised the ceiling that was expected by others, especially those who initiated advice to calm him and reduce his tone. The Maronite Patriarch asked various parties to work on preparing political papers and working papers, to be combined later with a clear political document and meanings, and to be delivered to the United Nations and the major and active countries, and to the Vatican as well. Especially since the sponsor is betting to a large extent on the role of the Vatican in providing protection to Lebanon, and it is based on the Catholicism of US President Joe Biden, which may push him to communicate more with the Pope, which is something that can be invested in Lebanon.

What the sponsor means is clear. He does not want the issuance of an international resolution by the United Nations on the Lebanese crisis, and he does not want to repeat the experience of the 1559, because all of these international decisions have not been implemented. And he definitely does not think about Chapter Seven, or the coming of foreign armies to Lebanon. Rather, what is meant by the international conference is to hold an expanded meeting of the Lebanese powers, in the presence of the influential, influential, interfering and intertwining states in the Lebanese file, such as the United States of America, France and the European Union, the Gulf and Arab countries, and Iran. The theme of the meeting will be the discussion of Lebanon’s crisis, and how to neutralize it from conflicts, and not leave it as an arena to be used in international and regional conflicts. Any proposal can be based on the decisions of the national dialogue that was held in the year 2006 and there was consensus around it, on the issue of borders, weapons, and other basic files, and the implementation of international resolutions that were previously approved. This in itself is an indication of the escalation of the patriarch’s speech, and the re-presentation of a new political equationHizbullah picked up two positions in the words of al-Ra’i, which is to protect the regime and the constitution or al-Taif. He will try to build on these two positions to strengthen the relationship with the sponsor, by focusing the dialogue on protecting the constitution without raising the issue of weapons. This can be achieved through a comprehensive national dialogue conference. This is part of the message that Major General Abbas Ibrahim carried to Bkerke two days ago, seeking common points between the two parties. The other part of the message that Ibrahim conveyed to the Patriarch is wishing him not to allow any of the visitors to Bkerke to launch positions attacking the President of the Republic and calling for him to resign. A message confirming that the Lebanese political viewpoint is still very inadequate to keep pace with the developments of the crisis and its dangerous dimensions


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