NASA will launch a helicopter on Mars soon … Know the details


Wednesday 17 February 2021 6:09 PM

The American “NASA” space research agency announced its readiness to launch the first helicopter on Mars, Although the “Ingenuity” aircraft is referred to as a helicopter, it is more like a drone, unmanned aerial vehicle, that has spread in recent years..

The small helicopter, which was transported on board the “March 2020” spacecraft, and arriving at the Red Planet on Thursday, February 18th, will face many challenges that must be overcome, the largest of which is the dislocated Mars atmosphere, which represents only 1% of the planet’s density According to the Russian agency Sputnik.

The Plane
The Plane

The weight of the small plane is only 1.8 kg, and the number of revolutions of its huge blades is 2,400 rpm, exceeding the speed it requires in order to lift it above ground level..

The helicopter will not have a problem with the gravity of Mars, because it makes up only a third of the Earth’s population.

The helicopter consists of 4 feet, a box-like body, 4 carbon-fiber blades, in addition to two cameras, a computer and navigation sensors..

The helicopter
The helicopter

It is also equipped with solar cells to recharge its batteries, as a lot of energy is used to keep the plane warm on cold Mars nights, when temperatures drop to minus 130 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 90 degrees Celsius)..

The small helicopter will fly its Mars mission at an altitude of 3 to 5 meters, and travel 150 meters from the start and return area..

The helicopter is working Powered by onboard computers, with sensors and cameras in place to keep it on the path that was programmed by the engineers..

And described the NASA helicopter mission, as A technical offer, while the helicopter’s chief engineer confirmed that, if successful, it would “open a whole new dimension to the exploration of Mars“.

And “NASA” notes that such small helicopters could provide better observation points than those monitored by current orbits or slow-moving rovers on the ground, which will help determine the terrain range for ground robots or humans..

Source : Technology: NASA will launch a helicopter on Mars soon … Know the details


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