“NASA” takes an amazing photo of Venus that includes “an amazing observation” – Al-Manar Channel website – Lebanon


The US agency “NASA” for space science unveiled a new and amazing picture of Venus, taken by a spacecraft sent to study the sun.

The image taken by the solar probe “Parker” shows Venus in an unprecedented way, and it was a “surprise” for the engineers who took it, they said.

The image, which was taken from the side of night Venus from a distance of 7700 miles, using the equipment of the “Wide Field Imaging of the Parker Solar Probe” installed on the craft includes “an amazing observation”, which is its observation of the bright edge around the edge of the planet and it is called a “night glow”, which They occur when oxygen atoms in the atmosphere combine with molecules on the night side of the planet, giving it a distinctive light.

In the middle of the new image, NASA engineers found the dark “Aphrodite Terra”, which is the largest highland region on the surface of Venus, and appears dark because it is colder than the surrounding area.

The “Parker” probe is the first vehicle to “touch” the sun, as it will fly near Venus 7 times, using its gravity to approach the sun.

Source: Sputnik


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