“NASA” shows a video of the landing of “Perseverance” on Mars


NASA scientists released a unique video of the historic landing of the “Perseverance” spacecraft on Mars last week.
The video, which was broadcast yesterday, shows very clearly the moment a parachute opens to slow the rover’s speed in preparation for its landing on the surface of the Red Planet and approaching the surface.
According to “Reuters”, the footage was recorded last Thursday through a group of cameras placed at different angles of the vehicle that carried “Perseverance” through the Martian atmosphere until it landed smoothly in a wide basin on the surface known as the Jezero crater.
“NASA” also showed a short audio clip recorded by loudspeakers installed above the rover after the landing, and it included light gusts of wind. These are the first recorded sounds from the fourth planet in terms of order of distance from the sun.
But the loudspeakers could not record sounds while landing on the crater floor, although they had recorded a mechanical buzz emanating from the rover after arrival. Matt Wallace, deputy director of the missions project at NASA, said that he hoped the loudspeakers would record other sounds, such as the sounds of the vehicle’s wheels as it moved over the surface with its robotic arm digging to take samples of Mars rocks. “These video recordings and these pictures are the core of our dreams,” Al Chen, head of the drop-off team, told reporters.
Wallace pointed out that the video, shot in color at a rate of 75 frames per second, shows the landing very clearly and from many angles, in the first video recording of the landing of a spacecraft on another planet.


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