NASA detonates a shocking surprise to the inhabitants of Earth next Wednesday


Sunday 28 February 2021 | 15:45

The British “Daily Star” newspaper published a report in which it warned the world of a cosmic phenomenon that occurs next Wednesday, where asteroids routinely come into contact with the Earth, and the Near-Earth Objects Center of NASA tracks them all.
The report stated: that the NASA Center has warned of approaching a giant asteroid moving at speeds more than 44,000 miles per hour from planet Earth, and it is expected that this asteroid will collide with Earth’s orbit next Wednesday.

The NASA space station reported that a large rock is scheduled to collide with Earth’s orbit, explaining that according to the schedule, the asteroid 1999 RM45 will safely overtake Earth on March 2 at about 7.52 pm EST, equivalent to 12.53 am on March 3. Greenwich Mean Time.

The 1999 RM45 asteroid is moving at a tremendous speed of 20.4 kilometers per second, 44,828 miles per hour, and its diameter is estimated between 310 and 680 meters and is classified as part of the Apollo asteroid group.

It is worth noting that the Apollo asteroid is the asteroid that comes into contact with the Earth’s orbit as it passes through space, and Apollo asteroids may tend to be the most common types of asteroids, while the Aton and matter rocks of space often decorate our sky.
Unlike the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, the asteroid 1999 RM45 will pass safely at a distance of 7.62 LD, which is the lunar distance, and this is not the first time that the asteroid passes the blue planet, and astronomers first observed it on September 14, 1999.


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