Nahed El Sebaei advises the audience: You are not pizza


The artist, Nahid El Sebaei, shared with her fans funny pictures of her, in which she appeared with her dog.

And it seems that Nahed is enjoying her time at home, in the picture, she appears while she is eating pizza, sitting and playing with her dog.

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And she wrote a funny comment in which she said: “You cannot make everyone happy, you are not pizza.”

On the other hand, Nahid El Sebaei is waiting for her new movie “Mako” to be shown in the cinemas.

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The movie “Mako” starring a number of artists, including Nicolas Moawad, Basma, Nahid Al-Sebaei Khaled Anwar, Sarah Al-Shami and the Turkish Murad Yildirim, written by Ahmed Halim, directed by Muhammad Hisham Al-Rashidi, and produced by Pyramids Muhammad Al-Sharif.

“Mako” is the first Egyptian movie, most of which takes place under the sea, and its events are inspired by a true story, which is the story of the famous phrase “Salem Express”, about 8 individuals from a trip in the depths of water The Red Sea, in a place full of memories.

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