Nadine Njeim: Miss Lebanon who kidnapped hearts and ascended to the throne of drama


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One of the most important stars of Arab drama in recent years is the artist Nadine Nassib Njeim, Who succeeded in moving her career from Miss Lebanon who has the ingredients that qualified her to get the title, to a star of Arab drama stars, who was raised in the hearts of her fans with distinctive roles that carved her name and proved her talent, and here you will get acquainted with the most prominent stations of Nadine Nassib Njeim from which she created a star Close to the hearts of the viewers

Nadine Njeim after the Beirut explosion

The explosion of Beirut Port and one of the most important stations of the star, Nadine Njeim, where Nadine Nassib Najim suffered a lot of losses, not only the losses that her home suffered, but her face deformed, and she underwent many surgeries to treat broken teeth, deform the face and cut the ear.

In spite of what she was exposed to, he was not delivered Nadine Njeim Some of the criticisms leveled against her and accusations from some of her followers of exploiting the crisis Beirut Port explosion To undergo plastic surgery, as some accused her of claiming that her face was deformed, which seemed completely wrong, as the Lebanese artist suffered severe losses and injuries to her face.

The artist Nadine Nassib Njeim, She did not stand silent in front of these accusations, and snatched the hearts of her fans, after publishing a picture of her face, for the first time, revealing the deformity that she was exposed to because of Beirut Port explosion, To show the pictures shocking features of her ignited social networking sites amid widespread sympathy from her fans

And in a special episode entitled “Beirut Scars”, with the journalist Malek Maktabi, the Lebanese star published photos that revealed for the first time the size of the losses that the Lebanese star suffered, as she appeared with a broken tooth as well as deformities in various parts of her face, shocking her followers. The last period, with the publication of photos showing the effects of minor injuries on the face, especially the area around the nose.

Commenting on the injuries she had suffered, Njeim said: “My upper lip was injured in a large and deep wound, as well as my eyes and my eyebrows, and I only saw blood and I was unaware of the severity of the shock, and my life as a club was like a test and with real danger, and I went to the hospital. I don’t know how, but the doctor said that it must be done. Surgery and that the matter is not done in the cosmetic clinic, I had nothing in my hand I surrendered to that and until now my tears have not dried up from the horror of what I have seen is grief, sorrow and fear .. The integrity of the heart of all the wounded, and God has mercy on the martyrs and helps everyone who has been harmed after it became so difficult and cruel against humanity and August 4 You have not finished the day. ”

Marriage of Nadine Njeim

One of the most important stations of Nadine Njeim in her life is the stage of marriage, so she got married Nadine NjeimFrom Hady Asmar in 2012, and she gave birth to their two children, Giovanni and Haven, after which the Lebanese star announced their separation in 2019 in a tweet in which she wrote: “The decision would not have been easy for us and the separation is difficult if the reasons were not but the ten, respect and mourning lost, and the most important fruit The sweet and our sons .. there is no word expressing my feeling of this moment, but that is how God protects us, and Hady and I are friends united forever. Thank you for all your messages and as much as you love us.

Nadine Njeim beginning

Nadine Nassib Njeim started the path of fame when she participated in the Miss Lebanon Contest in 2004, a competition that was shown on the Lebanese LBC screen, in the framework of what is known as reality TV programs, where the program transmits details of the participants’ lives, so that Nadine Najim’s fame starts from here.

The contestants compete fiercely to reach Nadine Njeim to the final qualifiers and compete with Lamita Franjieh for the title to win her and be crowned Miss Lebanon, to start her tour to compete in the Miss World contest.

Nadine Nassib Najim series

After her fame became known, Nadine Najim began her artistic career to begin her first steps on the small screen in 2007 through the series “Step of Love”, a series that discussed the problems of people with special needs, and what they face when integrating into society.

In 2009 Nadine Njeim participated in the series Rijal al-Hizm, which takes place in the period following the June War, to participate in 2010 in two series, namely, the Ajyal series, which deals with a group of social stories for a number of families who live in one building, and the Gawab al-Cloud series, showing the conditions in the semi The Arabian Peninsula ceased living its people during the conflict based on it by foreign powers.

In 2011, Nadine Nassib Najim presented her role in The series Wanted Men, Which revolves around a number of women residing in Dubai and the problems they face, to continue her artistic brilliance in the Bab Idris series in 2011 and the anniversary of 2013.

The year 2014 had its own taste in life Nadine Njeim, Where her participation contributed to Lo series In achieving a qualitative leap in her career, where she starred alongside Abed Fahd and the Lebanese Youssef Al Khal, in the series, which revolved around the story of a married woman who feels emotional emptiness and her problems with her husband escalate, and this role transferred Nadine Najim to a completely different level in Arab drama.

After that, Nadine Njeim presented many roles, including her role in Cello, in which she embodied the life of a woman who was imprisoned by an internal conflict and her hidden feelings that she had for two men.

Then the dramas of the Lebanese star continued, the last of which was her role in the series “Five and Nos,” which achieved great success in the Arab world and was attached to the followers.

One of the most important stations of Nadine Njeim was her presentation on the big screen, where Nadine participated in two films: Suri Mam and Cash Flow.

Nadine Njeim passed by the station presenting television programs, where she presented programs of My Lady on the Gulf Rotana channel and the Beauty Clinic on Future TV.

And between personal stations passed by Nadine Nassib Njeim In events, marriage and separation, and another career in which she moved from just a beautiful face, he started a beauty queen contest in Lebanon, to one of the brightest actresses in Arab drama. Nadine Nassib Njeim From this album.


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