Mustafa Darwish participates in the series “Zay Al Bayt Al Waqf” by Ahmed Al Saadani and Zeina


Artist Mustafa Darwish has contracted to participate in the series “Zay Al Bayt Al Waqf”, starring Zina, Ahmed Al Saadani, Sabreen and a number of artists.

Darwish embodies the character of Ibrahim Karakebo during the events of the series, a comic character who goes through many situations and crises that change his life.

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Darwish expressed his great happiness to work with the heroes of the work Ahmed Al-Saadani and Zeina, especially that this is the first time that they work together, and that working with director Essam Abdel Hamid adds something new to any artist during his experience with him.

It is worth noting that the artist Mustafa Darwish participates in the filming of the series “Against the Fracture” by the artist Nelly Karim and the series “Between the Sky and the Earth”, based on Naguib Mahfouz’s novel, and embodies a character that revolves in an action framework, and the two works are scheduled to be shown next Ramadan 2021.

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