Musimane reveals: We were harassed by the security forces before the Simba match


Betsu Musimane, coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that the Red Genie was harassed by the security authorities in Tanzania, before facing Simba in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly lost to Simba with a clean goal scored by Luis Meccion in the 30th minute in the match that took place on Tuesday evening at William Mkapa Stadium in the second round of the group stage in the Champions League.

Musimani said during his statements at the press conference after the end of the meeting: “I do not want to appear in the form of those who do bad things when they lose. We are Al-Ahly, and we must accept the loss, and we should give as players and the technical staff the example in that.”

“Of course there are many things that have happened, but we must accept them, and we want to focus on the match only, and the rest of the things may happen sometimes.”

He continued: “They prevented us from going to the stadium, and there was a lot of harassment from the security, but in the end we do not want to talk about these matters, as everyone knows what happened in the scenes of the match.”

Musimani completed his remarks, saying: “I do not want to appear as if I am looking for excuses after the defeat .. Now we have to be calm and move things towards the right path, and continue our path.”


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