Murtaza Mansour: “It seems that the signs of the Day of Resurrection have begun to appear in Egypt” and “The reckoning is coming.”


mortada Mansour:

The former president of the Egyptian club Zamalek, Mortada Mansour, published a series of tweets through his official account on “Twitter”, confirming that “Day of Judgment” has approached.

The series of tweets comes about two weeks after the Administrative Court of the Egyptian State Council rejected his appeal against the dissolution of the Zamalek Club Board of Directors.

Mansour addressed the fans of “The White Castle”: “To the fans of the great Zamalek club and the respected members of the General Assembly, I read and follow everything you write on social media pages, and I appreciate your feelings towards me and towards the great Zamalek club, the entity for which we have endured many plots.”

He added: “I tell you all that this time is not the time to scoff at a committee that usurped the club’s buildings with forged papers. The account is coming with them and with those who conspired to appoint them, regardless of their position and not the time to mock a great team. They gathered around your team. Other than that, they are a group of bribes. ”

Mansour continued: “The football team, which has not lived in this atmosphere of subjugation since my election as president of the club, now needs us to stand behind it and pray for success in the difficult Senegalese Tongaith match, and make sure that our players are heroes who can overcome all difficulties and intrigues.”

He concluded by saying: “Wait for the next video, the second part of the scandal of the century, to know all of Egypt with the records and documents. Who is the Harami? And who is the honorable? But it seems that the signs of the Day of Resurrection have begun to appear in Egypt. Matches. “

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Egyptian Youth Minister: The crisis of the Zamalek plane bound for Senegal has ended

On Tuesday, Zamalek will be a guest of Senegalese Tongaith in the second round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The “White Castle” mission arrived in Senegal on Sunday.

The flight from Cairo to Senegal was supposed to take approximately eight hours, but the lack of a permit to fly via Mauritanian Airlines led to the plane landing in Algeria until the required permit was obtained.

Source: Mortada Mansour’s Twitter page


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