Mueller returns to Bayern Munich before meeting Colin in the German league


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Bayern Munich player Thomas Muller returns to the team list before confronting Colin on Saturday, after recovering from his infection with the Corona virus, as he participated in a training session yesterday evening with the rest of his colleagues. Mueller’s name will be on the team’s list, as coach Hans Flick said: “He got fit quickly. He trains at home during isolation and is a well-grounded player. I have not decided yet whether I will pay it since the start of the match. ”

Likewise, Sergei Gnabry overcame his muscle injury and was ready for the match and Flick included him in Bayern’s list to meet Colin. Regarding the many injuries hitting the team, Flick commented: “We are working to complete our ranks again. Bayern only got one point from the last two rounds in the league, which was used by runners-up Leipzig to reduce the difference between them to only two points.

However, the broad victory of the German team South Germany 1-4 against Lazio on Tuesday in the Champions League, was an indication of the high level of Hans Flick’s squad and their unwillingness to relinquish the top of the Bundesliga.

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