Moroccan Al-Nasiri publishes an influential blog after winning the best in La Liga award


Moroccan Al-Nasiri publishes an influential blog after winning the Best in Award


Seville striker, Moroccan international, Youssef El-Nosiri, published an impressive tweet after he was chosen, on Friday, the best player in the Spanish soccer “LaLiga” for the month of January.

The 23-year-old shared, through his account on the “Instagram” site, two pictures, one recent and the other he took during his early beginnings with football, and wrote: “To achieve good things in your life is a beautiful thing, but to achieve them bypassing all kinds of obstacles makes it more beautiful. I am proud of my beginnings. The first, as I am today. I will continue to work to make people happy who did not skimp on me with their confidence in my capabilities. Leave nothing and no one discourages you on your way to a better future. Hard work, persistence, humility and commitment to duties .. There is no other way.

Al-Nusiri was chosen as the best player in the Spanish League for the month of January, during which he participated in 6 matches and scored 7 goals.

Al-Nusiri scored 3 goals during the Seville match against Real Sociedad 3-2, and another goal during his team’s 2-1 victory over Alaves, and another three against Cadiz (3-0).

In total, Al-Nusiri scored 12 goals in the “La Liga” this season, and is second in the list of top scorers, two goals ahead of the leaders, striker Atletico Madrid, the Uruguayan international, Luis Suarez.

Source: RT + LaLiga


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