Mona Zaki, Hind Sabry’s alternative to the movie “The Swarm”


Actress Mona Zaki begins filming her first scenes in the movie “The Swarm”, which deals with the air strike carried out by the army in Libya against ISIS in 2015, written by Omar Abdel Halim and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and produced by Snirji Film Company, where Mona contracted to present the female lead role At work recently, instead of the Tunisian artist Hend Sabry. The Synergy Promo Company released the movie Al-Sarm for the star Ahmed Al-Sakka, which is scheduled to be released in the cinematic stage during the next period. Ahmed El-Sakka, and both Sherif Mounir, Aser Yassin, Karim Fahmy, Ahmed Hatem, Diab, and Mahmoud Abdel-Moghani, and the scenes showed the Air Force championships in Qassas for the martyrs of Egypt in Libya.

In a related context, artist Ahmed El-Sakka recently confirmed that the movie “The Swarm” is a feature film, as art documents certain events that may be political, economic or otherwise, and “Al-Siqba” documents the incident of retribution from terrorist groups in Libya.He added, in a phone call to the “Final Word” program, presented by Mays El Hadidy, broadcast on the “On A” satellite channel, that the film documents the general situation of Egyptians after the incident, thanking all concerned parties for providing support to the film team and facilitating all procedures for its filming.

He explained, “I am happy in the film as the joy of a little family, and the film contains a surprise and a new approach to this type of films, and the movie The Swarm will be very important in my artistic career and a medal on my chest because it simulates the national feelings of Egyptians.”

He also asserted: “We are rigid and trained a lot. We pray for success because the film is an honor for Egyptian cinema.”

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