Moderna is testing a new type of its vaccine … Here are the details


The American pharmaceutical company, “Moderna”, announced that it has begun testing a new type of its vaccine that has been specifically designed to target the Corona mutation discovered in South Africa.

The company said that it shipped doses of the new vaccine to the National Institutes of Health for clinical trials, and this development is part of the company’s efforts to confront new mutations of the new Corona and to overcome the constantly mutating virus.

Stephane Bancel, CEO of the company, confirmed that “Moderna is committed to making the largest number of updates to its vaccine as necessary in order to bring the epidemic under control.”

It is reported that there is no evidence so far indicating that the coronavirus has mutated in a way that would make it able to combat current vaccines, but the possibility remains a major concern for scientists around the world.

Early studies found that the Moderna vaccine had less protection against the South African strain, but the company said that “the observed level of equivalent antibodies that can bind to viruses and prevent them from reaching cells remained above protective levels.”

The South African strain is among the most dangerous current mutations of the virus, because it is able to avoid antibodies that target older strains of the Corona virus.

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