Military industries … a Saudi progressive vision


On Saturday, the governor of the General Authority for Military Industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ohali, announced that the Kingdom plans to invest more than $ 20 billion in its military industries over the next decade, as part of an ambitious plan to boost domestic military spending instead of import.
The advanced declaration must be read within the broad framework of what the Kingdom announced in 2016 regarding the economic transformation plan known as Vision 2030, which is sponsored by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and aims to move away from dependence on oil and its rentier revenues, and to diversify sources of income, through economic mechanisms. Multiple, industrial, tourist and service.
However, the talk of Saudi investments during the decade ending in 2030 needs a special pause to understand its strategic dimensions and implications, especially in light of the Kingdom’s allocation of $ 10 billion for spending on military industries, and another 10 billion for research and development.
Today, the Kingdom realizes that scientific research is the key for nations to advance at all levels, and that is why we see it increase spending on military research and development from 2 percent to 4 percent over the next ten years.
Perhaps the sign of the question that may confront the reader: “To what goal does the Kingdom pursue in this context?”
In short, it is not disruptive that the Kingdom was never an advocate for wars, but rather a supporter of regional and international peace. However, the well-known traditional expression confirms that if you want peace, then prepare for war, and a strong believer is better than a weak believer, and for this reason the countries of the world seek to secure their citizens, residents and their national soil. Through an armed force that deters those who think of compromising their security or safety, and for us in the major international poles, for example.
The analysis of the Kingdom’s talk about investment in the military industries takes us in two ways: the first concerns national sovereignty and the decision free from any pressures, and the second concerns the creative economic benefits from behind such a trend … What about that?
For starters, thinking about resettlement of the military industries remains a desirable thing in and of itself. This is because it allows wide and vast spaces for freedom of national decision, so that the Kingdom does not at any particular moment submit to pressures to prevent, or to stop the export of weapons, especially since it is the custom of some major powers to regard the idea of ​​permitting or canceling the export of weapons as a supreme right, and a tool of control. And dictating the conditions politically and economically, and the matter may reach the point of complete deprivation as a kind of punishment.
Here, the decision to localize the Saudi military industries, especially the defensive ones, appears to be a kind of presentation of crucial issues, the one that starts with the conscious and active Saudi self, and without wrong bets on the other, even if Saudi diplomacy remains keen to control distances from Riyadh to The rest of the worlds and capitals, east and west.
The other issue regarding the settlement of this type of real economy, not the rentier one, is its high and positive returns on the Saudi economy over the next decade.
Preliminary data lead us to the fact that the military industries sector will contribute to the GDP by an amount of $ 4.5 billion in 2030, which means that it will be a source of enrichment of the national economy, in addition to providing many job opportunities in the sector, which are estimated at 100 thousand direct and indirect job opportunities. .
Perhaps it is certain that this vision of Emiratisation could not have existed without the paths and courses of economic and political reforms that Vision 2030 placed at the heart of its updated view of the Kingdom in the coming days, which reflected positively on the view of global investors of the Kingdom as a land of promising investment opportunities, and from here it is understood The reader is what the General Authority for Military Industries did in late December of authorizing about 70 local and international companies to practice several activities, some of them in the fields of military manufacturing, providing military services, and supplying products.
Does the localization of the military industries in the Kingdom give a prosperous dimension to the entire region?
This is also in word and deed, and the beginning is when strengthening the Kingdom’s role within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, as a big brother, and as an effective political, moral and military engine. Without the slightest doubt, Saudi successes in this context will revert positively to the rest of the Middle East countries, and open doors Positive and forward-looking cooperation, which means approaching the realization of the dream of partnership that is the most beneficial and supreme for all Arab countries in particular.
Military settlement ideas allow their owners to search without limits, restrictions or dams for new defense mechanisms, especially in light of the growing non-traditional roles of weapons in wars such as drones, cyber wars and others.
Day after day, the Kingdom is on the road to achieving giant development and progressive leaps on sustainable foundations, and military settlement is at the heart of it.


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