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The artist is involved Menna Fadali In the Syrian series “Interview with Mr. Adam 2”, the first part of which became the most followed Syrian work during the Ramadan season 2020, due to its interesting police story based on excitement and ambiguity, as well as a slight departure from the lengthy and logical sequence of events, which made it. The series has many questions among the audience, in terms of not knowing the rest of the people who were killed by Dr. Adam Abdel-Haq, and what happened to Diala and the murderer Mutasim?

Work is currently underway on filming the second part of the series, as it reveals the mystery surrounding the events of the first part, while it was decided to show it in the Ramadan 2021 drama. And about her participation in the series, Egyptian actress Menna Fadali says that participation in the Syrian series “Interview with Mr. Adam” is a step She is very important in her artistic career, so an Egyptian actress rarely goes to work in Syria, as usually the Syrian actors are the ones who come to work in Egypt.

Fadali added in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “She is very happy to work with the rest of the team because the series includes a large group of Syrian art and drama stars led by a great director such as the director of work, Professor Fadi Selim.” And about the reason for her approval of the character of “Nour”. Which she portrayed within the work events, she indicated that she saw at the time that the role is new and different from the types of roles that she presented before, in addition to the presence of a great director and senior Syrian artists at work, all of which were factors that seduced me artistically.

And she emphasized: “When she read the role, she did not have any anxiety or fear at all because the character of” Nour “is beautiful and happy with her, pointing out that what worried her at the beginning was that she thought that she would embody the role of a Syrian woman. To be compelled to speak the Syrian dialect, but with the completion of the reading, I discovered that the character is of Egyptian origin. And when the work dealt with the issue of organ trade, she said: “This issue is circulating in all parts of the world, and we seek, through addressing it within the events of the series, to educate the public. It is real, and it is always happening. The real hero in “Interview with Mr. Adam” is the paper.

She pointed out that “the scenes of work were more than wonderful, as they always see me as lighter blood, and working with director Fadi Selim is very comfortable, and there was chemistry between us at work as he is a distinguished director, and on the personal level he is a friend and a very respectable person.” She came to her about her participation in the work. She said that the reactions were very nice. The audience loved the character of “Nour” very much, and they saw her as a very debilitated character.

Fadali stressed that the production company did not make the second part as an investment for the success of the first part only. Pointing out that the second part was part of the work plan from the beginning, considering that the series consists of two parts and everyone knew that.

Fadali revealed that the character of “Nour” will undergo many developments in the second part, which carries many surprises. The audience will find more suspense, excitement and drama than the first part, to the extent that there are some scenes that will be harsh for the audience, and this is an attempt by us to present a realistic and real work. A large group of stars will also join the work, who will participate in the second part. She added that the idea of ​​making parts for dramas is a good idea and has its own taste, despite the presence of some lengthy works that have no value. She concluded her statement that the Corona pandemic did not affect the work in anything. Not at all while filming, the place is very safe.

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