Memory of the Day .. The birth of Ibn Battuta, Hafiz Ibrahim, Mahmoud al-Jundi, and the departure of Aziz Othman


Many occurred on February 24 Important events Which changed the map of the world, as many stars of art, politics, and literature were born on this day, and in various fields, and also left prominent literary, political and artistic figures, as the day coincides with the celebration of regular annual events, and this is what we will review during the next report.

Important events in world history

1969 – The body of the former King of Saudi Arabia, Saud bin Abdul Aziz, is transported by plane from Athens to Saudi Arabia, to be buried in the Oud Cemetery in Riyadh after praying for it in Mecca.

1980 – The first Egyptian ambassador to Israel, Saad Mortada, arrives in Tel Aviv, and the first Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Eliahu Ben Elissar, arrives in Cairo.

1981 Buckingham Palace officially announces Prince Charles’ engagement to Diana Spencer.

2019 – The 91st Academy Awards announced, Green Book won Best Picture, Rami Malek Best Actor, and Olivia Coleman Best Actress announced.

Baby boomers today

1304 – Ibn Battuta, Muslim traveler.

1872 – Hafez Ibrahim, Egyptian poet.

1909 – Abul Qasim Shabi, Tunisian poet.

1924 – Fathy Ghanem, Egyptian writer.

1946 – Mahmoud El-Gendy, Egyptian actor.

1947 – Edward James Olmos, American actor.

1955 – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.

1968 – Ahmed Ali Al-Ajami, a Saudi Quran reciter.

1974 – Floyd Mayweather, American boxer.

The Departed

1955 – Aziz Othman, Egyptian actor.

1993 – Bobbi Moore, English football player.

2018 – Sridevi, Indian actor.


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