Maradona: What did the cinema reveal to us about the Argentine football legend?


  • Mohammad Hamdar
  • BBC News Arabic – Beirut

Maradona watches the screening of Kusturica at the Festival de Cannes

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Maradona watches the screening of Kusturica at the Festival de Cannes

Football fans have had their share of setbacks 2020 Competitions were suspended for months, then they were banned from attending matches in the stadiums, and on November 25 it was announced that the legendary player Diego Maradona had died.

The player’s personality, which has been passed down through generations that did not know him liked, was a key to making his legend. His biography, full of controversial stations, was rich material for several international documentaries and fictions produced before his departure, in different dialects. The most important of them are two documentaries signed by two international award-winning filmmakers, the first by Serbian director Emir Kusturica, and the second by British director Asif Kapadia.

Maradona’s political face

In the movie “Maradona”, the director, Emir Kusturica, accompanied the Argentine player on a journey that lasted more than two years, during which the director had to stop filming more than once. He also sometimes had to go after Maradona to pursue the documentary’s completion.

The photography trip began with an evening visit to Diego’s home in Argentina. While remembering the most important milestones in his life, Maradona escorted the director to the “Villa Burrito” neighborhood, where he was born and raised, and then they entered and sat in his childhood home 15 years after his last visit.


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