Majdi Al-Hawari remembers a sentence by Alaa Wali al-Din that changed an entire scene in “Abboud on the Frontier”


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Director Majdi Al-Hawari recalls an improvised sentence by the late artist Alaa Wali El-Din from the scenes of the movie “Abboud on the Borders” that changed an entire scene in the film.

Al-Hawari wrote, through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook: “I have, thank God, so far, 27 children between production and directing, and Aboud on the border is the spoiled child who is closest to the heart because it is the first movie.”

And he added: “From the delicious situations in which he also laughed, I think about the day of filming in the Thunderbolt School, and during the scene of the training center, he was supposed to see the Thunderbolt trainings all along, and that this bus just led us to the yard so that we could start filming after Alaa Wali al-Din, may God have mercy on him, he said above. When the thunderbolt men healed while they were training, of course we all laughed and decided to take the scene from the first moment of arrival and not from the beginning of the training.

And he continued: “Who is thinking of this scandal? What was needed is # Ahmed Helmy and # Karim_Abdul Aziz to catch themselves because this scene will not be repeated because we have to repeat all the Thunderbolt exercises, and this is an impossible thing, and we were instead of being transferred. Whatever the scene, we were saying to stop laughing. What did Abboud say in the scene?

One of the commentators revealed in the comments that the verse is the sentence of Abboud, while he is quoting a verse from the Holy Qur’an upon entering the camp, and he said: “Do not consider those who were killed in the cause of God to be dead, but alive with their Lord who will provide for them.”

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