Mahira Abdelaziz stumbles on the stage … a fall and a bruise …


Presenter Mahira Abdel Aziz fell behind the scenes of the “Prince of Poets” program that she presented on the Emirati “Baynunah” channel, and the fall caused her slight bruises.

The show “Prince of Poets” began a week ago, and last season it was presented to Jane Omran, and in the new season she was replaced by her friend Mahira, who left three years ago the “Al-Arabiya” channel, and the “Prince of Poets” program attracts a large audience of poetry lovers.

And it is filmed this year without an audience, due to the commitment to apply all precautionary and preventive measures against the Corona virus, and in the interest of the safety of the public and workers, and the program called on viewers to follow it from their homes to be safe and secure.


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