Mahira Abdel Aziz enhances her media activities with a new experience and achieves wide spread


Yesterday, the first episode of the global program Learnontiktok was launched. The management of the world famous application of the Emirati media chose Mahira Abdul Aziz to be the first Arab journalist to go through this global experience.

The episode met with great interaction and spread, especially with the atmosphere that Mahira added to the program with her professionalism, spontaneity and distinctive personality, as after the great success that she had achieved in her last two experiences by presenting the “Prince of Poets” and the rest of the programs that are under preparation, it came as a surprise that the application management continued with Mahira to join The global trend to provide educational and educational content, not just entertainment.

Mahira confirmed that this step is very important, and she is happy to join it and contribute to spreading culture and entertainment at the same time.

During the first episode in which Mahera hosted the Palestinian artist Azza Zaarour, she presented the audience with a lesson in music, specifically on the oud, and in the coming episodes, the audience will learn sports and other diverse matters such as self-motivation, will, self-love and psychological strength.


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