“Madam” is in the scenes of “My Aunt Fatna” and meets the makers


Photography – Mohamed Belmeloud
“My Lady” met exclusively with the film crew of “My Aunt Fatna” in Salé Marina, near Rabat. The director continues. Said odds Scenes for his film, which he inaugurated in the city of Casablanca.

Snapshot during filming
Snapshot during filming

Khellaf says to “Madam”: “The film is a new experience that I go through through directing with a special touch that takes care of a social issue in a light comic form, but is full of Moroccan originality and artistically paying attention to the aunt’s role in our Arab societies in general. Among the stars of acting in Morocco such as Farag El Fassi, Said Bey and Abdelghani Sanak. The film will be shown as part of the programs for next Ramadan on Channel Two in Morocco.

Put a special touch in this movie

Said odds
Said odds

Khalaf confirms to “Madam” that he put a special touch in this film, and was very happy to deal with competent professional actors and promised an interesting hinge that combines meaning and fun. The filming scenes varied between the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Salé, and other regions. Actors Farah El Fassi and Saeed Bey expressed to “Madam” their happiness to work with director Khilaf, as the film’s atmosphere passes through fun and good conditions.

A snapshot of the movie Farah El Fassi and Sa'eeda Baadi
A snapshot of the movie Farah El Fassi and Sa’eeda Baadi

It is noteworthy that Said Khalaf is one of the directors who have emerged in recent years, with a special view of directing that draws inspiration from international cinema, where he studied and worked as a producer and director in Canada. From young aspiring directors in the seventh art with a different style.

The director has a disagreement with the actress happy with me
The director has a disagreement with the actress happy with me


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