Long-term Covid 19 … a new puzzle in the process of research and analysis


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The many mysteries and dilemmas that the new Corona virus or Covid 19 brought with it, and despite the passage of more than a year since its appearance most of these mysteries, did not find a way to solve them, starting from symptoms and their differences, through mutations and strains, to treatments and vaccines.

As for the novelty of these mysteries, it is the so-called post-Covid-19 syndrome or long-term Covid-19.

“We believe that it is a condition that needs more description and more understanding of the number of people affected by it and what it causes them so that we can better prevent, manage and treat it,” said Janet Diaz, head of clinical care in the WHO Health Emergencies Program.

And although some of the tremendous studies and research conducted about the virus have begun to remove some of the mystery surrounding it, but until now it is not known why some of the infected people suffer over a period of months from symptoms that may be severe at times, including fatigue, difficulty breathing, nervous system imbalance and complications In the heart.

According to the information, Janet Diaz added, one in 10 patients suffers from prolonged symptoms that extend for more than one month. Some reports show that fatigue is a common symptom, which lasts for long periods. There is also a cognitive defect similar to brain fog that remains associated with some of those who have been infected with the virus.

The available studies indicate that about 10% of patients who do not belong to all of the most vulnerable groups suffer from symptoms a month after their injury .. However, research has not been able to know the time during which these complications can continue.

The World Health Organization is organizing, on the ninth of this month, the first webinar devoted to long-term Covid, in which clinicians, researchers and experts will participate, aiming to identify the disease, give it an official name, and coordinate its study.

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