Lines are cut between Bkerke and Haret Hreik


The words of the Secretary-General of “Hezbollah” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the issue of internationalization are still doing their work in political circles, which monitor international reactions to his warning that internationalization is a project for a new war in Lebanon, and his hint that Bkerke is “joking about this issue.” This provoked an immediate reaction from the Patriarch Al-Rahi, who had a late response to Nasrallah’s words via Al-Nahar newspaper, and put points on the letters when he spoke about the failure of internal solutions.

In his Sunday sermon, the sponsor had a clear position on this issue, as he said, “What we aspire to through this conference is a unified state with its people and its land, with its legitimacy and decision, with its institutions and army, with its constitution and charter; On the basis of the interests of other countries, and a civilized democratic state that lives its time, and continues its mission in its oriental environment by the convergence of Christian and Islamic civilizations and the exemplary coexistence.

Those working to neutralize Lebanon from the conflicts outside and to break the families of the rescue mission government, the emergence of Sayyed Nasrallah only increased them with conviction and certainty that coexistence with the internal crisis situation is no longer possible, and that it is necessary to search for possible solutions to the Lebanese crisis stuck in the bottleneck of narrow interests on the one hand and the interest. Some link the crises of the interior with the crises of the outside. According to some circles close to Bkerke, Al-Rahi insists on confronting the project of changing the country’s identity, kidnapping it and introducing it into the politics of the axes by force. Instead of resolving it.

In the opinion of these circles, the Maronite Patriarch does not seem intending to retreat from raising the sovereign flag and raising it above all the internal and extraneous flags of the country. In their response to Nasrallah’s words, they emphasized that Bkerke does not joke about serious and sovereign matters, noting that the history of Bkerke is known regarding the country’s unity and sovereignty.

Those circles indicate that “all the patriarch’s calls are for the sake of protecting Lebanon and avoiding the successive crises and vacuums that the people are tired of and have brought them to the abyss. It is not permissible, at every time, to suspend the work of institutions and enter a long void cycle.
Al-Ra’i was quoted as saying that there is a loss of trust between all the Lebanese components, even within the same ranks, and the solution is either to sit down with each other and assume responsibility and put the interest of Lebanon first, or to prove that they are not qualified to undertake such a task, and therefore the help of the international community, which is It is forced to help Lebanon because it is a founding member of the United Nations and the Arab League.

Those patriarchal circles point out that the response to the Shepherd’s proposals is not by betrayal or through the media. If someone has comments on the Patriarch’s proposals, let him go up to Bkerke and discuss them with him. The doors of Bkerke are open to everyone.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to hide the extent of the divergence that is taking place between Bkerke and Hezbollah. The sponsor affirms that he is fighting the battle of preserving the identity of advanced Lebanon. Lebanon is the hospital of the East, its school, its university, and the center of polarization of the East and the West, and its adherence to the identity built by the ancestors, while Hezbollah considers that it is fighting the nation’s war and the battle to preserve Lebanon within the larger axis of resistance extending from Iran to Syria, and therefore any convergence between these two axes seems distant, at least in the foreseeable stage, bearing in mind that the lines of communication between Bkerke and Haret Hreik were cut off a short time ago.


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