Learn the controversial “helmet” of the French team, Daft Punk


The “helmet” has always been on the minds of fans of the famous electronic music bandDaft Punk As the two members of the team did not dispense with hiding their faces since their appearance on the scene, after appearing several times while wearing black bags on their heads and other times, special Halloween masks in the nineties, as if their features were one of the war secrets that are difficult to reveal, and the team that was always talking about development Art and music as an “invitation to an audio journey” has also decided to work on the evolution of the two members’ looks away from the usual traditional looks..

The “helmet” was one of my secrets of attraction Daft Punk On the crowd, Homem Christo sarcastically asserted in one of his conversations that robots are more interesting to people than ordinary people. .

Team members first appeared with helmets in 2001, which surprised millions with this attractive look, and reports indicated that some of these helmets were equipped with built-in air conditioning and communication systems, for live shows, and others were made of materials that were better visualized while some of their helmets were manufactured by a special effects store. In Hollywood, a team member in “England” indicated that the company signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding the exact specifications of the helmets..

Famous team

The famous French music group was shocked. “Daft PunHis fans and his fans reported their separation, after an amazing 28-year career, which he investigated Daft Punk A long string of successes in the music industry, as the famous electronic music team announced Daft Punk And who is considered the most influential electronic music maker of all time, the news is in a new eight-minute video clip titled “EpilogueIt is the video that was posted on the team’s channel on the popular video site, YouTube.


It is noteworthy that the famous team was able to win a large number of important prizes during its career, and among the most prominent of these awards is the Grammy Award.Grammy Awards” And”Austin Film Critics Association” And”Brit Awards” And”Denver Film Critics Society



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