Learn about the health benefits of the “kangaroo method” for caring for premature babies


The health benefits of "Kangaroo way" To take care of the children

Ojuma Ekhomon knew at first glance that her first birth would be difficult. No sooner had she had an ultrasound examination in her sixth month of pregnancy, until Nigeria imposed quarantine measures. But it did not occur to her that she would return to the hospital in less than a month to deliver her baby in the 31st week of pregnancy.

Her baby, who was born by Caesarean section prematurely, weighed 700 grams at birth, had not fully developed organs, and was extremely weak due to his small weight. Doctors at the Amu Udovin Mother and Child Care Center in Lagos, to which her baby was taken, said he was the youngest child to receive care at the center ever.

In the following days, the weight of the newborn, which she called Akahumheen, decreased until it reached 600 grams, and his life became threatened. In Nigeria, about 205 children die every day due to preterm birth, which accounts for 31 percent of all newborn deaths in the country.

Although Nigeria is the largest economic power in Africa, it is witnessing the highest rates of newborn deaths, due to poor spending on health infrastructure and the lack of access to health services for many mothers in some areas. In rural areas, the rate of maternal and neonatal mortality is highest.


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