Learn about the channel that broadcasts the Hand Professional League Summit between Al-Ahly and Zamalek


At 6 pm today, Thursday, Cairo Stadium will host the Handball Professional League Summit for the local season 2020/2021 between Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams in the fourth round of the second phase of the league.

Ontime Sports 3 broadcast the match live

Ontime Sports 3 broadcasts the match live, as the ON group has obtained handball league matches exclusively on the group screen.

The top of the handball professional league without an audience

The Handball Professional League Summit is held without an audience, as attendance is limited to members of the Federation’s Board of Directors and both clubs and Union card holders only.

Al-Ahly tops the league table with 12 points, followed by Sporting in second place with 10 points, then Zamalek comes third with the same number of points for the goal difference, then Heliopolis is in fourth place with 7 points, followed by Talaia El-Geish in fifth with the same score, then Olympic in sixth place with 6.5 points given To calculate the consideration points in the first stage, in which a tie is estimated at half a point, then flying in seventh place with 4 points, and finally Al Zuhur in eighth and last place with 3.5 points

And he succeeded Handball Association Headed by Hisham Nasr, in saving the summit from being postponed by obtaining the security approval after the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, intervened to mediate in order to urgently obtain Security approval.

Hisham Nasr, President of the Handball Federation, issued a decree yesterday informing Al-Ahly and Zamalek Club to hold the summit match in the fourth round of the second phase of the professional league on time Thursday at exactly six in the evening at the Cairo Stadium hall until the security approval is completed.

The meeting takes place without the presence of the masses, as an answer has been sent to both clubs stating that only those with Al Ittihad cards are allowed to attend the match.

The fourth round, in addition to the Al-Ahly and Zamalek confrontations, witnesses meetings between Aviation with Al-Zohoor, Sporting with Vanguard Al-Jaish and the Olympic with Heliopolis.


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