Leaks reveal the design of the new “AIRPODS” headphones from “Apple”!


Revealed the first leaked images of the next generation of “Apple” wireless headphones “AIRPODS”, where the model of the wireless speaker shows a small design with the same design features as the previous generation of headphones “AIRPODS”.According to what the “Technology Without Borders” website reported from “gizchina”, “Apple” is preparing to launch a new version of “AIRPODS” wireless headphones, and today there are video leaks to provide a vision about the design of this version, along with some details about the specifications of the next generation of Headphones.

The next version of “AIRPODS” headphones is characterized by a small in-ear design. The design also supports plugs to improve the capabilities of the headphones in the feature of noise cancellation, and the source of the leaks confirms that this version comes at a lower price than the current versions.

The leaked image of the headphone also reveals a hole in the top of the wireless speaker that supports pressure reduction, with another hole for the microphone, and a sensor to measure the distance with a pressure relief hole in the interior.It is also decided that the new version of the headphones “AIRPODS” will include some of the features of the previous versions, “AirPods2” and “AirPods Pro”, and among these features is an almost in-ear design, with a handle at the end of the speaker, and also supports the feature of touch sensitivity, and the feature of lower Active noise.

The source of the leaks also confirms that the new generation of “AIRPODS” headphones features a design that supports installation in the ear more efficiently. The plugs also support separation from the headphone when using the headphone with the negative noise reduction feature that allows the user to listen to the surrounding environment, or plugs can be installed to isolate Noise efficiently.

It is decided that the headset includes a “H2” chip that will support reducing the size of the handset and saving energy consumption. On the other hand, the charging case comes with the same design as the “Pro” headset, except that the charging case for the new version is characterized by a smaller size.

Source: Technology Without Borders


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