Latifa reveals rare photos she collects with the late artist Ali Hamida


Latifa revealed a group of rare pictures in the company of the late singer Ali Hamida, who left our world yesterday, while playing the oud while they were sitting together, and wrote in her commentary on the pictures: “May God have mercy on you, oh my dear, artist. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”.

A nice and benign
A nice and benign

On the other hand, Adel Nafeh, the nephew of the late singer and artist Ali Hamida, had revealed the last thing his uncle asked for a few hours before his death, indicating that he asked him not to turn away from him, calling for mercy and forgiveness and to inspire his mother patience.

On benign
Ali Hamida in another photo with nice

Nafeh published a picture of him from the room in which the late artist was staying, its owner with a comment: “Donia, my uncle, we have been talking for hours here in this place and he asks me not to go away from him, and here I am waiting for you, but this time the wait will be long.” And Nafeh added: “I used to say that you are the only person who gives you comfort, may God have mercy on you, O kind-hearted, I will miss you a lot, and I pray to God to bless me and give my mother patience.”

Another photo of Ali Hamida
Another photo of Ali Hamida

The artist, Ali Hamida, left our world yesterday evening, Thursday, at the age of 73, after a struggle with illness, as he passed away in Matrouh General Hospital, after he was transferred to it yesterday morning, after his health deteriorated, provided that his funeral will take place after Friday prayers , At Al-Fateh Mosque in Marsa Matruh, his hometown.

Hamida lived a life full of suffering, so he tasted the overwhelming success when he released the “Lolaki” tape in the eighties and achieved a historic success, as more than 6 million copies were sold throughout the eastern world, and then he bought an apartment in the place where he was sleeping on the sidewalk at a value 5 million pounds, but he quickly lost everything and returned to sleep on the sidewalk, as revealed in his interview with the Seventh TV two months ago.


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