Larry King did not die from Corona … the death certificate bears a “surprise”!


The death certificate of the famous American broadcaster, Larry King, showed that he had died from another cause, contrary to what was rumored about his fatal infection with the emerging corona virus.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, Saturday, that King’s death certificate issued on January 23, the day of his death, that the legendary broadcaster died of sepsis.

And Larry King, the star of TV interviews in America, died on January 23, at the age of 87, and it was said in the official announcement at the time that he had left our world because of his infection with the Corona virus weeks before his death.

But baffling the story, King had already recovered from the epidemic shortly before his death.

According to the loyalty certificate, which was not disclosed until recently, it appears that King died of sepsis after contracting an acute bacterial infection after recovering from Corona.

The condition of sepsis arises when the immune system releases chemicals into the bloodstream in order to fight the pathogen, but instead of healing the infected person, it causes general infections throughout the body, according to the “Medical Web” site.

The certificate also said that the secondary causes of King’s death were respiratory failure due to lack of oxygen, which means a severe decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood, in addition to the last stage of kidney failure, and in both cases, the matter is linked to sepsis.

And King’s career spanned more than 6 decades, and the man had type 2 diabetes, and he also suffered from lung cancer, heart attacks and heart attacks in recent years.

The late rose to fame since the 1970s, thanks to his radio program, at the time, “The Larry King Chau” and then accumulated a career full of success and fame.


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