Laila Alawi chairs the feature films jury at the Bahrain Film Festival


Management announced Bahrain Film Festival On the formation of jury for the festival competition, which includes five categories of films.

The festival competition includes five categories of films: short fiction, students, documentary and animation, in addition to a center of excellence competition.

According to the festival management, the feature film competition jury is headed by the star Leila Alawi She has extensive experience in the cinematic field, in addition to her chairmanship and membership of several jury committees in Gulf and Arab international festivals, and the committee includes in its membership both the Saudi artist Ibrahim Al-Hasawi and the Bahraini critic Amin Saleh.

The festival management indicated that the jury for the documentary films competition will be chaired by Emirati documentary filmmaker Nujoom Al-Ghanem, and its membership includes Bahraini film critic Hassan Haddad and Professor at the University of Bahrain Muhammad Al-Sayed.

As for the Animation Film Committee, it will be headed by the Bahraini designer Khaled Al-Muharraqi, and its membership includes a professor at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Sama Al-Hashemi, and a Bahraini graphic designer, Muhammad Al-Saqr.

The jury of the student competition will be chaired by the Bahraini director, Saleh Nass, and the membership of both the Bahraini artist Shatha Sabt and the Saudi artist Ilham Ali.
In a related matter, the festival management confirmed that participation in the festival competitions will remain open until March 15, the deadline before closing the door for participation.


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