Lady Gaga: I’ll reward someone who finds my stolen dogs with half a million dollars!


Global superstar Lady Gaga has offered a $ 500,000 reward to anyone who finds her stolen dogs.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the person in charge of taking care of the dogs was walking them on Wednesday evening, when he was shot after a shooting occurred, noting that a third dog named “Miss Asia” escaped and was found later.

Lady Gaga’s dog, Coogee and Gustave, two of the French Bulldogs, was stolen in Hollywood after the person caring for the two dogs was shot.

Police said that one of the suspects was a man wearing a black hat and a black jacket with a hood, while they were unable to determine the gender of the second suspect, but they were all dressed in black.

It is noteworthy that Gaga is currently in the Italian capital, Rome, to shoot a new movie. “Sputnik Arabic”


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