La Liga top scorer .. “The Old Man” Suarez reveals the secret of his brilliance at 34


Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the Atletico Madrid striker, revealed the secret of his brilliance this season with his team despite his 34 years of experience.

In his statements to his club’s official website (Friday), Suarez asserted that it was his endless “ambition” that drove him to achieve almost everything during his career, and that the player would not score goals nor perform at the best performance without the “work” of his colleagues and their help.

Suarez, the current La Liga top scorer with 16 goals, seemed happy and proud to be chosen by the fans as the best player in La Liga during the month of January, and he talked about his daily “effort and work” to improve, and his aspirations during the current season.

Suarez explained: “Despite being 34 years old, one continues with the same ambition, waiting for the team to be at the top to reach the end of the season with good feelings and what we want.”

The current Atletico Madrid and Barcelona star added: “The striker coexists and is always used to scoring a lot of goals, but I think in this case what one does is try to help the team.”

He continued: “We are presenting a wonderful series that saw me score several goals (11 goals during the last nine rounds), and the important thing is for the team to score three points in all matches as much as possible to reach its goal.”

Luis Suarez is the top scorer in the Spanish league

The Uruguayan striker confirmed that he is convinced that the striker does not score goals and does not perform his best without the work provided by all his colleagues, from the goalkeeper to the last player who sets his touch.

It is noteworthy that Luis Suarez moved last summer from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid after the Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, the new Catalan team coach at the time, told him that his efforts were not needed during his mission with the team, to move to Rojiblancos and start a new journey of brilliance.


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