Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam was transferred to intensive care after his health deteriorated


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            <span class="created">21 February, 2021</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">The health of Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam has deteriorated and he was transferred to intensive care at Jaber Hospital, following developments in his health condition after he was infected with the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, two days ago.</span></p><p dir="RTL">Kuwaiti media figure Mai Al-Aidan revealed that the health of the artist Mishary Al-Balam has deteriorated due to the decrease in the percentage of oxygen, due to his exposure to complications from Corona, asking the public to pray for him.</p><p dir="RTL">May Al-Aidan wrote, in a post on her account on the “Instagram” website: “Your invitations to our brother, the artist Mishary Al-Balam, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital after low oxygen due to his infection with the Coronavirus ... your prayers.</p><p dir="RTL">It was announced two days ago that Mishari Al-Balam was infected with the Corona virus, as he lay in Sheikh Jaber Hospital in Kuwait.</p><p dir="RTL">At the time, “Al-Balam” published a picture of him from inside the hospital, through his account in “Instagram” and commented: “Do not forget me from your prayers .. Praise be to God in any case .. Thank you my family, artists and the loyal and beloved audience for the question .. I installed Corona, God willing, and forgive me. I cannot answer the calls. ”
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