Jordan- What will the new Windows update bring to the users?


(MENAFN – Alghad Newspaper) Amman-Tomorrow – Microsoft announced that it has begun testing the new update of Windows-10 systems for a specified number of users.

According to the experts in the company, the new update 21H1 for Windows systems is supposed to arrive in its final form for users before the end of the first half of this year.

This update will not carry radical changes in Windows systems as usual with the updates that Microsoft launches for the systems at the beginning of each year, but will come with some new features that will facilitate the connection of computers to external devices, as well as features to enhance the security of data in the systems.

The update will provide, according to Microsoft, the ability to adjust Windows Hello technologies so that computers can support additional external cameras if they are equipped with internal cameras, and this means that users can use external cameras for computers that work with facial recognition technologies.

The update will also include modifications to GPSVC services, to improve remote work scenarios across computers and devices running Windows systems.

It is also supposed to improve the performance of Windows Defender Application Guard features, which will positively affect the speed of dealing with documents.

21H1 came with improved Robocopy services to support the capabilities of copying files over 400 megabytes, according to Russia Today.



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