Jordan re-imposes a partial curfew after the high number of Corona injuries


He announced the Minister of State for Media and Communication Ali Al-Ayed During a press briefing, “the movement of people and their roaming is prohibited in all regions of the Kingdom, starting from ten at night on Thursday and until six in the morning on Saturday of every week.”

He explained that citizens are allowed to walk around on foot for one hour on Friday to perform Friday prayer.

Al-Ayed added that due to the epidemiological situation, it was decided to “work with a minimum number of employees (…) not exceeding 30 percent” from Sunday in government departments and institutions.

He said, “This is a delicate and sensitive stage that requires the highest degree of commitment,” calling on citizens to adhere to physical distancingMuzzle placement.

On January 13, Jordan suspended the curfew on Friday after the number of Covid-19 cases decreased.

In Jordan, on January 23, only 608 cases of the virus were recorded, and the rate of positive examinations was 4.6 percent, while on February 22 it rose to 4,550, and the percentage of positive examinations reached 13.4 percent.

About eight thousand injuries were recorded in the Kingdom on 18 November.

On Wednesday, the government decided to extend hours Daily curfew Which was imposed between the hours of 12 at night until six in the morning, to become from ten at night until six in the morning.

For his part, Health Minister Nazir Obeidat said, “We are currently witnessing a large and rapid spread of a virus CoronaThe indications are clear and the dangerous indications are of the significant increase in injuries in the past three weeks.

He pointed out that “the new (mutated) strain has become the predominant strain in cases registered in the capital and nearby governorates.”

Obeidat explained that “the danger of this strain is its ability to Rapid spreadHe pointed out that “it is this difficult epidemiological reality that required quick and resolute measures.”

In total, Jordan has so far recorded 376,441 confirmed cases of the virus and 4,611 deaths.

Since last March, Jordan has taken a number of measures to limit the spread of the epidemic in the country by imposing a night curfew throughout the Kingdom and imposing a comprehensive curfew every Friday.

Universities and schools were also closed before distance education was adopted for most educational levels, while they were prohibited wedding parties And mourning councils.

Jordan also required its citizens to wear masks in markets and public places and to impose fines on violators, which it has recently tightened.


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