Jihan Abdullah, voice of “Zumba”, hosted by “With You, Mona El-Shazly”


Radio Jihan Abdullah will be a guest on the program “With You” presented by Mona El Shazly, on the cbc channel, next Thursday, at nine o’clock in the evening.

During the meeting, “Jihan” talks about her role in the series “In Our Home, a Robot”, where she presented the voice of the robot character Zumba, and through which she achieved great popularity. She also reveals the scenes of her work in the radio, as she is the owner of one of the most famous Egyptian voices in recent years, not only through the microphone of her famous program “Frozen 7 at 7”, but also through her performance of many “dubbing” voices.

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Al-Shazly will also host Dr. Sahar Selim, a professor of diagnostic radiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. The hosting comes against the background of solving the mystery of the murder of the pharaoh “Sqnen-Ra” by using the techniques of experimental science.

During the episode, “Selim” illustrates the complete scenario of the day of the great pharaoh’s death; It also revealed the fatal blows that the Hyksos inflicted on him during the Battle of Karameh, which was led by Seqnen Ra, and was completed after him by his son Camus and his son Ahmose, with the aim of expelling the Hyksos.

And in the same loop; Mona El Shazly hosts the girl “Sarah Ahmed”, against the backdrop of Amr Diab’s celebration of the girl, after she played one of his songs brilliantly.
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