James Baldwin … a new old biography


Whether in his life or after his departure, the biography of James Baldwin (1924-1987) occupied a number of writers, authors, journalists and directors who documented chapters from his life and his literary experience between struggle writing, novel, theater and articles. Others reclaim his current discussions and ideas about racial and gender identities and other ideas put forward by the Afro-American writer. However, Talking at the Gates is one of the most prominent biographies, written by a friend of Baldwin, the Scottish writer James Campbell, who interviewed a number of Baldwin’s friends, activists, writers and artists. In addition to these personal testimonies, the book monitors some of Baldwin’s relationships with the most prominent faces of that period, including the American actor Marlon Brando, the writer Richard Wright and the leader Martin Luther King … What is unique about the book is its coverage of the danger that was threatening Baldwin in America, as it is the biography The first that was able to reach documents from the writer’s file with the FBI comes as a document about the terrifying atmosphere that the writer lived in his country and pushed him to leave for many years on his way to Paris, the same danger that threatened and afflicted the children of black skin in America in that bleak era in its history. This month, the University of California Press will publish a new version of the biography, which was first published in 2002. The current edition includes a new introduction that addresses recent developments in Baldwin’s image and literary position in recent years, in conjunction with the attacks on black Americans and the protests that followed. Also added to it is an previously unpublished interview with the American writer Norman Miller, who had a literary and personal relationship with Baldwin.


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