Israeli concern about the US position towards Saudi Arabia


The “Jerusalem Post” newspaper said in a report it published under the title “Israeli officials are concerned about the US position towards Saudi Arabia” that “there are concerns among a number of Israeli officials about” the increasing pressure of the American administration on Saudi Arabia, which would contribute to strengthening Iran’s position. And destabilizing the rapprochement in relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, according to the report.The Israeli newspaper considered that “the recent American positions on Riyadh weaken the regional alliance against Iran at a time when the United States is showing less willingness to confront the regime of the Ayatollah, referring to the Biden administration’s intention to return to the nuclear agreement from which the former president, Donald Trump, withdrew in the year 20 , 18 “.

The report pointed out that “Israel will watch carefully what the Biden administration said that it will not lift the sanctions until Tehran complies with its obligations that it evaded from the nuclear deal, and said time will determine whether that will happen.”

“The Jerusalem Post” reported that “Saudi-Israeli relations have grown in recent years, closely to the point that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in the kingdom.”The newspaper said, “Saudi Arabia, without Washington’s help, will not be enthusiastic about rapprochement with Israel, which has deepened its relations with Arab countries led by the Emirates.”

And she emphasized that “the Saudis and the Israelis will continue rapprochement in the face of a common enemy in Iran.”


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