Israel is giving the West Bank and Gaza “symbolic surplus” quantities of the vaccine


An Israeli official explained that Honduras It will be among the countries that will receive the vaccine, according to Reuters.

Close Israeli Ministry of HealthThe country was importing my company’s vaccines Pfizer And Moderna, and it has already fed it about half of its population of about 9 million.

And Monday, he announced The World Bank In a report, the Palestinian vaccination plan against a virus Corona Newcomers are facing a funding shortfall of 30 million dollars, even after taking into account the support provided by a global program to provide vaccines to poor economies.

The bank said that IsraelShe is one of the leaders in the world in terms of the speed of vaccination. She may consider donating surplus doses to the Palestinians to help accelerate the start of the vaccination campaign in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

He added, “In order to ensure an effective vaccination campaign, it is imperative that the Palestinian and Israeli authorities coordinate financing, purchasing and distributing safe and effective vaccines for (Covid 19).

Intends Palestinian Authority Covering 20 percent of Palestinians through the “Kovacs“To share vaccines, Palestinian Authority officials hope to purchase additional vaccines to achieve 60 percent coverage of the population.

The World Bank said that cost estimates indicate that “about $ 55 million is needed in total to cover 60 percent of the population, and there is currently a shortfall of $ 30 million,” and he called for additional aid from donors.

The Palestinians began vaccination this month, and have received support from other countries.

However, the doses obtained so far, which amount to approximately 32 thousand doses, are much lower than the Palestinian population The West Bank and Gaza Strip, Which has a population of 5.2 million.


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