Is Biden preparing to reset US-Saudi relations?


Political researcher Naji Safa said that the accusation leveled against Mohammed bin Salman of Khashoggi’s killing is clear and that the CIA report that will be released condemns Mohammed bin Salman.

He added that this accusation is one of the papers that Joe Biden will use to remove bin Salman, especially that he is wanted by US courts.

The political researcher expects that there will be a change of Bin Salman that will be led by America and pressure through human rights organizations and the International Criminal Court and through the Allegiance Commission for the release of Muhammad bin Nayef.

On the other hand, political researcher Mukhtar Kamel said that the main goal of the US government in the matter of pushing human rights forward is to be a tool to embarrass China and embarrass Putin in Russia.

The political researcher believes that the call to democracy has several degrees: The first is the possibility of further blackmailing the Arab governments that are frozen in thinking, and in this case, many violent conditions could be imposed on them.

He added that the second point is to win over the Saudi public opinion that the United States is a country with principles and is serious about these principles.

Kamel added that there are limits to the American democratic call, as America cannot risk overturning stable regimes in the region, such as the Al Saud family, with the long history of cooperation between the Saudi ruling family and the US administrations, but rather tries to offer some cosmetic reforms.

For his part, Yemeni Deputy Information Minister Fahmi Al-Yousifi said that Saudi Arabia is marketing a fake initiative only for media consumption and in order to practice deception on the field under the name of initiative.

He added that all the initiatives presented by the brotherly countries were exploited by Saudi Arabia for its expansion in the field and for the sake of large-scale field control, while at the same time practicing deception through it.

The Yemeni Deputy Information Minister affirmed that Yemen considers these initiatives deceptive by Saudi Arabia, as there are no international guarantees that prove its credibility regarding these initiatives.

The Yemeni Deputy Information Minister revealed that with this initiative, Saudi Arabia is trying to rearrange the forces it leads in the Ma’rib front in order to ensure control over it.


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