Investigation into sexual assault accusations against rocker Marilyn Manson begins


Los Angeles – dpa:

Posted on: Saturday 20 February 2021 – 9:39 AM | Last update: Saturday 20 February 2021 – 9:39 AM

Los Angeles Police have opened an investigation into sexual assault allegations against American rock singer Marilyn Manson, 52.

According to a statement from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office published by the media on Friday, the investigation is about charges of domestic violence between 2009 and 2011 when Manson was living in the West Hollywood neighborhood.

American actress Evan Rachel Wood, and many other women, publicly accused Manson early February of assaulting them.

Wood (33 years), the heroine of “The Western World”, accused her ex-boyfriend of “horrific” sexual abuse of her over the years, saying it began when she was a teenager and Manson in the meantime manipulated her.

Relationship problems between Wood, who was 19, and a rock singer twice her age became known in 2007.

Wood and Manson announced their engagement after a break in the relationship several times in 2010, but they broke up soon after.

Other allegations against Manson have been echoed by other women on Instagram, including Sarah McNally and Ashley Sindsay Morgan.

The singer immediately rejected these allegations, saying that his art and life were for a long time a “field of arguments”, but the allegations made against him are “nothing but a terrible falsification of reality” as he wrote on Instagram, indicating that his intimate relations with his like-minded partners have always been She was friendly.


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