Internal criticism of the decision … Israel gives doses of the Corona vaccine to countries intending to open embassies in Jerusalem


The Israeli Finance Minister said that he was not aware of Netanyahu’s decision to donate quantities of vaccines to some countries.

Israel intends to provide countries with limited quantities of anti-corona virus vaccines, and they are countries that have opened or will open embassies in occupied Jerusalem, and the decision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to grant vaccines has met with criticism from within his government.

The official Israeli “Kan” channel said on Tuesday evening that Honduras would later receive 5,000 vaccines from the vaccine stockpile in Israel, and an informed source – who refused to reveal his identity to the channel – added that a plane would arrive from Honduras to receive the vaccines.

According to the same source, both Guatemala and the Czech Republic will receive similar quantities of the vaccine later.

And last year, Guatemala opened an embassy in occupied Jerusalem, becoming the second country after the United States, while Honduras and the Czechs pledged to take similar steps, according to the same source. The Czech Republic said last December that it would add diplomatic representation to its Jerusalem office, a step below the establishment of a full embassy in the occupied city.

Israel believes that occupied Jerusalem as a whole is its unified and eternal capital, although most countries of the world do not recognize this, just as the Palestinians insist that East Jerusalem – which Israel occupied in the 1967 war – be the capital of their independent state.

Internal criticism

On the other hand, Netanyahu’s decision was met with criticism from within his government. As Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz described this step by the prime minister as a “trade” operation, and Gantz wrote on his Twitter account, “The fact that Netanyahu trades without an account in vaccines for which the citizens of Israel paid with tax money, and this shows that he runs a kingdom and not a state “.

He emphasized that a step like this requires discussion and approval (by the government), considering that only an urgent security, political or medical need can justify such a decision.

In an interview with the Israeli Army Radio, Finance Minister Israel Katz – who is a member of Netanyahu’s Likud party – said that he was not aware of the donations of Corona vaccines.

On the other hand, Netanyahu’s office clarified – in a statement yesterday, Tuesday – that “during the past month a limited amount of vaccines have accumulated that were not used,” adding, “Therefore, it has been decided to provide medical teams in the Palestinian Authority and in a number of countries in symbolic quantities.”

Israel is feeding its residents with a vaccine from the American company Pfizer and the German BioNTech, but the Israeli news site Walla reported that the Ministry of Health has about 100,000 vaccines from the American company Moderna, and the Ministry of Health said yesterday that 4.4 million Israelis have received the dose. The first of the vaccine, and that 3 million received the second dose.

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