Instagram rewards a young Tunisian with 25 thousand dollars, and the reason is a “gap” – site news – follow-ups


The “Instagram” platform awarded a reward to a young Tunisian programmer, after discovering a serious security vulnerability in the social network, threatening users’ accounts, data and privacy.

Muhammad Al-Ajimi (23 years old) told that he discovered a serious vulnerability on “Instagram” in mid-January, and reported it to the platform’s administration to correct and fix it, so it verified and addressed it, and then contacted him two days ago to reward him with $ 25,000. .

Al-Ajimi, a student at the Tunisian University in the field of software, also explained that he found the loophole in the settings section that allows access to the accounts of Instagram users and manipulates their data and settings and controls them without the knowledge of their owners, pointing out that the process of discovering this defect and determining its severity took only a few hours. While it took 3 days for the platform’s management to respond to his report.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the young man receives a reward from the administration of Facebook and its affiliated platforms. He has previously obtained 9 cash prizes after discovering security vulnerabilities, but the vulnerability he discovered in “Instagram” is the most dangerous and important, and this explains the value of the reward .

To that, Al-Ajimi emphasized that safety in the use of social media and the application is “a matter of relative”, adding that these sites have become dependent on security researchers to discover their weaknesses and erase their flaws, and for this purpose remunerative rewards are allocated to inform them of all that is reached, in order to double protection and improve Its performance and enhancing users’ confidence in it.

He also indicated that his journey with research and exploration for security gaps and weaknesses in communication sites began more than 3 years ago, even before he specialized in this field in his university studies, due to his passion for technology, pointing out that he now aspires to become one of the most important experts and technicians in the field of information security. And to work in one of the well-known and famous programming companies in the world.




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