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His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, on his Twitter account, published a video clip of the global expert in the field of motivation and self-development, Tony Robbins, known as “inspiring millions”, in which he celebrates the imminent arrival The “Hope Probe”, within the UAE project to explore Mars, to the capture orbit around the Red Planet, confirming that the “Hope Probe” breaks down stereotypical restrictions … and carries a message to the youth and the world.

Robbins is one of the most famous global experts in the field of motivation, leadership empowerment, capacity building and skill development, and he has extensive experience in the sectors of business, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and social work.

His books are sold in more than 100 countries, and his digital content online is followed by millions of people around the world.

At the beginning of the video, Robbins congratulated the leadership of the UAE, and the people of the Emirates, for this historic achievement, which reflects the position of the UAE in the world, the ability of the Emirati leadership to challenge the impossible, and the state’s transformation within five decades, from a country at the beginning of its founding, to an influential country. In the world, the race to reach Mars entered the first Arab country, and the fifth country in the world.

Robbins said: “I was honored in the past to visit the UAE, and I met more than 10,000 people. I have been very impressed by the way your country is managed, as you are in the Emirates and within days you will achieve a great goal, as this February witnesses three space flights to Mars, from China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE will be, through the probe, the first country to give the world the opportunity to see the first picture of the atmosphere of Mars, in addition to studying the weather, and how the atmosphere changes. This is an extraordinary and amazing event. The UAE is the first Arab country, and the fifth in the world, to send such a trip to Mars.

The global expert, who is considered an inspirational figure for millions of young people in the world, added: “What is the reason that drives a country like the UAE to achieve success at such a level? The answer is clear, it is the amazing vision of the country’s leadership, which led it to the fore in the world. This country, after 50 years of its founding, is helping the world to explore another planet in the universe. They believed in the capabilities of their children, and this is truly astonishing when it works for the success of the mission of Al-Mesbar. 200 Emirati engineers and scientists, their average age is 27 years old, of whom 34% are women. The UAE presented the best model that exploits the true human potential in an optimal way.

“How did they do that?” He said. I met great leaders in the United Arab Emirates, and conducted research on what the great late Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, did, and what I can say is that the rulers of the Emirates have set specific standards to achieve the impossible, and instilled an important idea that securing resources and resources is not an obstacle to achieving dreams “When we believe in our dreams, these resources can be secured, to achieve anything.”

“The UAE has turned into a global destination that competes with the best countries in the sectors of technology, tourism and economic strength, and it took 50 years of founding only to reach Mars,” Robbins said in the video clip, which took about three minutes, directing his speech to the people of the Emirates and the youth of the world. And this happened because you broke down stereotypes and broke down barriers. You should feel proud, for you have achieved scientific goals, and you also sent a message to the world and the world’s youth, through the (Hope Probe) that everything positive is achievable if we are freed from stereotypical restrictions.

Robbins concluded his message by saying, “The UAE is an example of what the world’s governments can do when they believe in the capabilities of their people, over 50 years … from the desert to Mars, this is an exceptional event.”

The world is looking forward to next Tuesday, with great hope, as the “Hope Probe” approaches the orbit of Mars, after a journey that lasted seven months and covered 493 million kilometers, at an average speed of 121,000 kilometers per hour.

The scientific mission of the probe aims to provide scientific data that previous missions to Mars did not provide, as it will provide the most comprehensive picture of its kind of weather conditions and climate changes on the Red Planet and monitor the weather throughout the day, and between the seasons of the year on Mars, which extend to 687 days, according to the calculations of planet Earth.

Tony Robbins:

– “The UAE believed in the capabilities of its people and presented an inspiring example to humanity.”

– “200 engineers with an average age of 27 years, and 34% of them are women … behind the achievement.”

– “The UAE presented the best model for investing real human potential in an optimal way.”

– «The amazing vision of the leadership of the UAE led the country to the fore in the world.

– “The UAE has turned into a global destination that competes with the best countries in various sectors.”

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