In the video, the director of Al-Hilal awaits harsh punishment after “Petros’s slaughter.”


Waiting for the referee’s report

The Youth Summit and Victory crisis has barely come to an end, awaiting severe penalties for the events that have shed a lot of ink; Until the Discipline and Ethics Committee of the Saudi Football Association found itself in front of a new scene, and for the account of the Riyadh Derby, between Saud Kariri, director of football at Al-Hilal club, and the Brazilian Petros Matthews, the average of the victory field.

Faris Najd won a precious victory at the expense of arch-neighbor Al-Hilal, with an unanswered goal, in the Great Riyadh Derby that took place on Tuesday evening at the “Marsool Park” stadium, for the end of the 20th round of the Saudi Professional League.

Petros entered into an altercation with the football director of the blue club, 5 minutes before the end of the first half, with Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojic interfering with her to announce the red card for Saud Kariri, before the derby lenses detected the clash of the Hilal official with the Al-Nasr administration stand.

A responsible source in the Disciplinary Committee revealed, according to “Kwoura” website, that the events of the Riyadh Derby will be discussed at the committee’s table in the next meeting, especially the scene of the altercation that took place between Kriri and Petros.

The source pointed out that the Uruguayan referee used the red card in Saud Kariri’s face due to protesting one of the decisions, but the official of the Crescent issued some actions before leaving the reserve seats, a scene that will not pass also without consideration.

He explained that the committee is awaiting the report of the match referee, Esteban Ostojic, and the report of the general superintendent, in order to take the appropriate decision in accordance with the stipulated regulations, and what Petros has done towards the crescent of Al Hilal will also be reviewed and that angered Keriri in this way.

The atmosphere became tense in the 39th minute, after a confrontation between Noureddine Amrabat and Gustavo Cuellar, and the scene developed into a clash between the two parties, before the Uruguayan referee intervened decisively to display the yellow card in the face of the duo, in order to control the atmosphere.

And the scene moved from the middle of the stadium to outside the lines, after Petros headed towards the reserve seats of the Crescent to enter into a strong argument with Saud Kariri, which ended with the rhythm of the latter’s expulsion, before the cameras detected the signal of the Crescent official to “slaughter” towards the middle of the field of victory.

Brazilian coach Rogero Micali tried to contain the crisis by calming the victory field, while Creery’s anger continued while leaving the stadium to ask the global management in the stands to remain silent, before the altercation between Petros and Saud resumed in the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms between the exciting derby halts inside and outside the field.

Al-Nasr moved the point counter to the number 28, to climb to the eighth place on the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professionals Cup League list, while Al-Hilal froze, at 36 points, to remain in second place, expanding the difference behind the leaders behind youth to 5 points.

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